Hiking the High Sierra

Description of Area Hikes, By Susan Harris

Hiking Trail Map

Hike to Frog Lake and Winnemucca Lake: This popular hike for wildflowers and alpine scenery   leaves from the Carson Pass parking lot. It is approximately 1 mile to Frog   Lake and another 1.3 mile to Winnemucca Lake. From there the trail climbs   another 1.1 mile to Round Top Lake then drops 1.3 miles to Fourth of July   Lake. For pictures of the hike to Round Top Lake, see Woods Lake Loop. At the   height of the flower season, this hike can’t be beat!
Hike to Emigrant   Lake: The trailhead is located at the   spillway parking lot at the west end of Caples Lake. This 4.3 mile trail runs   along the lake’s southern shoreline then heads up past streams and cascades   to lovely Emigrant Lake, hidden among rocky cliffs and boulders. Flowers are   abundant all along the trail, particularly in streambeds.
Hike to Lake   Margaret: The Lake Margaret trailhead is   located off Highway 88 between Caples Lake and Kirkwood. This 2.5 mile trail   runs along Caples Creek then cross-country and up to beautiful Lake Margaret.   During flower season it is full of tiger lilies, patches of giant broad-leaf   lupine, and shoulder-high cow parsnip.
Hike the Meiss Meadow and Lake Area: The Meiss parking lot is on the north side of Highway     88, just west of Carson Pass. The main trail leads to Meiss Col (1.4     miles), Meiss Meadow, Meiss Lake (4 miles), and Showers Lake (5.1 miles). A     branching trail leads to Round Lake (5 miles). The beautiful views, varied     scenery, and plentiful wildflowers, make this a favorite hiking area.


From     the trailhead to Meiss Col the trail climbs through patches of many-hued     paintbrush, lupine, and mule ears. Over the Col, the trail winds down into     Meiss Meadow and on to Meiss Lake. The iris blooming on the Col are     legendary.


From     Meiss Lake the trail continues through a forested area then climbs through     flowered hillsides up to Showers Lake.


As     you wander through Meiss Meadow you’ll spot a trail sign to the Round Lake     Trail (also called the Tahoe Rim Trail). It wanders through meadows and     forest until you reach the lake.
Hike the Woods Lake Loop: The   entrance to the Woods Lake area is 1.9 miles west of Carson Pass on the south   side of Highway 88. The distance from the entrance to trailhead parking (on   the right) is a little less than 2 miles. The trails to Round Top and   Winnemucca Lakes leave from this parking lot; both are 2.5 miles. A 1.1 mile   trail between Winnemucca Lake and Round Top Lake completes the loop.While   there are many wonderful trails near Caples Lake, the Woods Lake loop is the   favorite of this photographer! The trail description is broken up into the   three segments that form the loop.
Woods Lake to Winnemucca Lake: From the parking lot the trail crosses the road, then   Woods Creek. It meanders through a forested area and then breaks out into   flower-covered open slopes with a view of Round Top Mountain. From there the trail climbs to Winnemucca Lake.
Winnemucca Lake to Round Top Lake: From Winnemucca Lake the trail climbs up rocky   flower-covered slopes, past drainages full of flowers. When the trail drops   over the ridge you can see Round Top Lake.
Round Top Lake To Woods Lake Trailhead: For the last leg of your journey, you’ll head back down to   the Woods Lake Trailhead via the Lost Mine Trail, more beautiful views and  abundant flowers.


Photos By: Susan Harris Fine Art Photography and Diana Rodgers Crystal Clear Reflections
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